Thursday, June 21, 2012

Stuck between a rock and a hard place..

Some of you may recall us mentioning the grading that we needed done in the back yard by the developer. The back yard sloped down toward the house, and we knew there was a big rock in there too. Here's the way the backyard looked when we first had the slab poured:

As you can see, the rock looks fairly big, but we felt confident that it could be removed. 

We had been asking for a few weeks, and then finally on Wednesday, we noticed that they had done the grading in the back yard. The good news is that we have a fair amount of flat yard close to the house (maybe 20 feet or so), which isn't that bad considering we have a small lot (we'd still like more, but it was encouraging). However, the grading also revealed the size of the rock. Take a look at these two pictures: 

The above picture is the view straight from the morning room. It's almost 6 feet high. 

The picture above is the view of the rock from the master bedroom upstairs. It shows the depth of the rock and just how wide it is . 

Our SR Amber and our PM Abe both have known for a while that we've wanted the rock out. And, to their credit, both have called us within the last 24 hours to say that they are not at all happy with what the developer has left in our lot. Both of them have pledged to help us out as much as they can, but Abe admitted that there may be a problem. 

Our property line splits the rock in half. Some of it is on our property, and some of it is on the undeveloped lot behind us. Abe said they may only be able to get the rock on our side of the line out, and the rest may have to stay. He's going to go to bat for us, by talking to the developer and even getting his manager involved. But none of us are sure what will happen next. 

So, that leaves us with a dilemma. What happens if some of the rock is left? We're trying to come up with possible landscaping ideas, but we can't seem to think of one that will look good at all. 

Needless to say, we're stuck in a bad spot if the rock remains.  


  1. Wow that's a big rock! I hope they remove all of it for you. Fingers crossed for you!

  2. That's huge!! Plant a tree in front of it?

  3. Hmm... Maybe a water feature/waterfall of some sort? That thing is enormous, for sure!

  4. WOW! IT'S HUGE!! How about a fence??? We have to fence our yard because we have a dog and plan on getting another one. My first thought was a water cascade which would be pretty and they can be creative. Or even some sort of concrete patio with a firepit where it will allow seating with backs near the rock. #thinkingoutloud

  5. Wow that is a huge rock! I hope they are able to pull it out for you all. But, it seems big rocks are all the landscaping hype these days. Maybe it could turn out to be the center of a nice rock wall fence. :)

  6. That rock is a friggen beast!!!

    Depending on what Ryan is willing to do and if they are only going to remove the part of the rock that is on your property, maybe you could have them cut a notch in the rock to use as a bench for seating. This way you could have a firepit in front of it (or other).

    If your looking for inspiration or distraction Houzz might help here too:

  7. Holy jeez-that is a huge problem! Where are you building at-bc our neighborhood is FULL of stone! I'm really thinking RH should remove it...if they can remove half, why not the other half?

  8. Thanks everyone for your comments and suggestions. Right now, one of the biggest problems is that Ryan Homes does not own all the lots in the community (including the one behind us). That lot has not been developed by the developer and is still owned by him. So, Ryan will have to get his O.K. to take out the entire rock. We are still waiting to see what happens, but it may be a while before it is resolved.

    1. I don't see why the developer would have a problem with it. Ryan Homes would be doing him a favor!

  9. I would bet Ryan wants the developer to cover part of the cost of removal. That being said, good luck. I could see my 11yo boy loving that rock. It would be an interesting conversation piece!

  10. oh my gosh... that rock is huge!!! Did they tell you how much it will cost to removed? I hope they are able to remove it, but I like the idea of landscaping around it.

  11. The rock might not be in a great location, but it could be cool somewhere else on your property!