Monday, April 30, 2012

It's a small lot after all....

<read to the tune of It's a Small World>

The only drawback for us in picking our neighborhood is the size of our lot. We couldn't pick a Verona because the neighborhood only has 50-foot lots available, and the Rome just baaarely fits (kind of like me putting on my jeans after eating at Wendy's). It's a big house, and that means we won't have very much side yard and back yard. Here are some photos of our lot to illustrate:

(See, it doesn't look that small when it was first cleared - Hi Hannah and Alden)

With the outline of the house marked, it becomes a little clearer. 

This picture was taken from the end of our property line in the backyard (the morning room is in the foreground). They will of course grade the backyard down, but there is not a lot of room on either side or the back. 

So, with all that said, why are we staying with this lot? There are several reasons to stay where we are: 

1. We had a choice between seven lots. Three had a private backyard, but all were at the bottom of a hill, creating a long uphill walk to the neighborhood amenity center. One was a bigger corner lot, but was at the intersection of two main roads in the development and would see a lot of traffic. Another had a big green electrical box in the center of the front yard (and a big ugly dead tree and rocks that might not be able to be removed). Another was across the street from the construction trailer (and they will be building here for several more years). The final lot was next to ours, and we liked ours a little better. 

2. If you look closely at the last picture, you can see the amenity center in clear view. It is an easy walk from our home. Lauren and I both know that if we had to get in the car and drive there, we would be a lot less likely to use it. Now, it is only about 100 yards from our house. 

3. The street we live on is a cul-de-sac, and will not be a major traffic artery. We only expect 5-6 home owners to drive past our home - the rest will use other streets. 

4. Our lot is pretty flat (once the back gets graded) and other than the corner lot, every other lot was about the same size as ours (and a couple are a little smaller). We aren't that big into landscaping and yard work (less for me to mow!) so that's a bonus. 

So, we'll feel a bit of a squeeze, but we're O.K. with that. 


  1. Sounds logical to me! Looks like a good location.

  2. Cul-de-sacs rock. We built at the end of one and love the lack of traffic. You are more likely to see my boy racing down the hill on a skateboard then a car.
    You forgot one reason, lack of mowing!

  3. We are also in a cul-de-sac. We would have preferred no one behind us, but the lack of traffic and the fact that we have some open space behind and no direct neighbor were enough to sell us on our lot. You seem to have really thought this through and made the best decision for your family.

  4. Thanks everyone. We will have one home behind us eventually according to the community's master plan, but their lot will be angled so they won't be directly behind us. Our community is expected to be pretty big - like 500 homes or so - by the time it is done, so we really had to study the master plan carefully. You never know what can crop up 2-3 years down the road if you don't do your homework. So, we are pretty happy all things considered.

  5. Small lot, but I'm with you on the logic of choosing it. Little traffic and walking distance from the community center more than makes up for the smaller lot. Congratulations.

  6. Definitely agree with Charlie on some convenience, it will make a big difference later.