Monday, April 30, 2012

The Pre Construction Meeting (aka "Are we allowed to do that?")

We came to our pre construction meeting with a list of 17 questions (hey, I am a former newspaper reporter so I am prone to asking lots of questions). We took several suggestions we had seen from other blogs, and came out with a few ideas of our own, and went from there. Our project manager Abe is a younger guy, but he's pretty laid back and willing to work with us. He was fine with the bonus room modification we wanted to make and also chimed in with suggestions about the best place for our rear floodlight as well as where to put the dedicated outlet for our chest freezer in the garage.

Abe also spelled out all of the measurements for the bonus room, just so we could have an idea for furniture placement. (and as we found out later, it will definitely mean a different layout than we expected). He was also open to adding additional outlets that had not been discussed previously. We are adding outlets in the walk-in closet of the guest bedroom downstairs, and in the walk-in closet next to the bathroom in the master (the other walk-in closet in the master is being eliminated for the bonus room). We are also adding an outlet in our expanded pantry (we'll have plenty of room for that).

It took about 90 minutes, and Abe walked me briefly through our lot. (the phone and cable green poles are thankfully not on our property line). We also discovered just how small our lot will be, but I'll detail more about our lot in my next post.

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