Sunday, April 29, 2012

Exterior Colors...

To me, this was one of the most challenging parts of this process. How do you pick the right colors based on tiny swatches and try to match them up? In reality, we couldn't. Lauren and I drove around several neighborhoods to find the right colors for us, and even then, our first choice wasn't allowed because it wasn't one of the accepted schemes for Ryan (trust me, it wasn't that crazy...).

But, our SR Amber was very helpful, and gave us some time after we made our choice to drive around and look at it (or at least a very close representation) on another house. So, here is what we went with:

- Siding: Sandy Tan
- Shake Siding: Stone Mountain Clay
- Shutters: Brown
- Front Door: Black Fox (but it is really a dark brown)
- Trim: Autumn Beige
- Stone: Kentucky
- Gutters: Mocha

So, based on those choices, this is pretty similar to how our house should look (except we will have a porch and the door and shutters will be brown instead of black):

So just imagine a porch there, and this should be pretty close to our colors. We hope. :)

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