Saturday, April 28, 2012

A short introduction...

This is our blog about our Ryan Home. We were inspired to begin our blog based on the vast amount of knowledge we have gained through other Ryan blogs that we have seen for homes in North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Ohio and other areas along the East Coast. (special shout out to Noey, who actually lives in a neighborhood near us, for her very detailed and helpful blog). We hope we can pass along some helpful things too.

A quick note about our blog - we were so excited about our new home, but we were afraid to jinx everything by starting our blog before we closed on our current home. We signed the contract for our Ryan Home in late March, but didn't close on our current home until April 27th. So, posts about everything up until the actual groundbreaking (scheduled for May 1st), won't happen the day they occurred, but again, we were afraid to jump start the blog and then see it fade away if the closing fell through (we saw that happen and know how disappointing that must be). 

So, anyway, we hope you enjoy the blog. We'll have a flurry of posts in the next week or so to catch up on everything, and can't wait to join the Ryan Homes conversation. 

Kevin and Lauren


  1. You guys have been busy bloggers! Congrats on your new home! Excited to follow along.

  2. I just found your blog and I'm excited to watch your progress!