Sunday, June 24, 2012

For those without a rock, we salute you...(with flooring pics)

We're still waiting for an update on our massive rock in the backyard. Ryan Homes is getting their regional managers involved to try to work something out with the developer. We've made it clear that we'd much rather have no rock at all than anything else, and Ryan Homes is really trying to make this work. (it may just come down to who pays for the removal of the rock - Ryan or the developer). But, we don't expect any kind of resolution for several days.

While we wait for the rock to be resolved, there have been many other much more positive happenings at the house. Closing is less than four weeks away, and the house is really coming along fast. We've started checking every few days, but the locks are probably coming soon on our doors. But here's some of the exciting things that have happened in just the last week:

The pillars have been painted and so has the front door. Just waiting on the trim for the garage door windows and coach lights for the front at this point. 

Cabinets and faucets are in the secondary bathrooms now. 

Take a peek at the flooring in the secondary bathrooms (we also used it in the laundry room). 

Hooray Uba Tuba black granite. We really like it with the Maple Cognac cabinets. 

Our 60/40 sink, with the disposal on the big side (it's a little different than usual, but that's how I like it). 

Getting the appliances here too. Might be seeing the doors locked soon. 

A closer picture of the granite with the tile. The tile backsplash should be coming soon. 

Here's our kitchen floor. We are really happy with it. 

That looks cool. (get it?)

Here's a photo of the shower with the brushed nickel enclosure and nice corner caddy, along with some crazy girl who entered our house (only kidding Hannah). 

Another look at the shower (and that is just a reflection of the window above the tub). 

We can not wait to use our key for this in less than four weeks. 

We can get mail now! (but please wait on sending us any bills people).

There is also another update that we wanted to share. In a previous post, we mentioned how someone in our neighborhood lost their Florence right around the final walkthrough, and were unable to close. There is a good news/bad news update with this. The bad news is that the buyer could not get the home in our neighborhood back (it sold in five days). But the good news is that the buyer ended up buying another Florence in a Ryan community just 10 minutes away. It was an inventory home, so they should be able to move in quickly. 

We're happy that they were able to get into a Ryan home, and that neighborhood is quite comparable to ours. So maybe everything worked out for the better. 

Now, we're hoping we can say the same thing about our rock. We're keeping our fingers crossed. 


  1. That is bitter sweet. I couldn't imagine going through something like that!

  2. Everything is looking great! I love your porch! I hope they figure out how to get rid of that rock for you soon.