Sunday, June 3, 2012

Step by step....

Things are progressing nicely at our new home, and we have a lot to look forward to. The outside front of our house could be finished by the weekend (a small question on that for other bloggers in a minute), and we could have the drywall up too. 

As exciting as that is, I think we are even more excited that the developer is expected to finally grade down our backyard this week too (and remove a big ugly rock in the process). We have been asking about this for weeks, and our SR Amber had promised it would be done. Our backyard will probably have a bit of a slope to it, but we're hoping it won't be too extreme. Our PM Abe said he may be able to grade it down a little more after developer gets in there, but he can't do anything until the big rock is gone. 

So, we're optimistic on that front. It's really quite a thrill to see the house coming along so fast. Lauren said the other day that she feels like our temporary apartment is really like a hotel now, and that our house really feels like a home. Here are some pictures of progress (with a small question for the final picture):

The stone should be on this week, and that will really make the look of the house. Of course, the kids are pretty excited already. 

One of our favorite pictures. The kids were in the bonus room looking out to the front of the house. I'm sure they were imagining all the fun times they will have soon. 

The porch is looking good!

O.K., here is our question. If you look to the right of the picture, you can see a wood shelf. What's up with that? We have no idea if that is just a temporary place holder or if something actually goes there. (there will be stone under the siding and trim there and surrounding the door and remainder of porch). Any clues to this are appreciated.


  1. I can't believe how fast your house is making progress! Looking good. I would frame that pic with your kids in it-what a great shot. What's your closing date?

  2. Good pictures all around.

    I am not sure what that "shelf" could be used for. It looks like it is lower than where they would start to put up the stone. My only thought is maybe they tacked it on there temporarily while they were putting up the siding?

  3. Your guess is as good as mine.

    It's coming along nicely. I can't wait to see the stone.

  4. Love the picture of the kids. Love the porch, but I have no idea what that "shelf" is for. Seeing the stone on our house was one of my favorite parts of the build. Can't wait to see your house get stoned!

  5. stay on them about the grading.
    I sent my PM an email last night as the first step of my "WTF" process to deal with a back slopped yard that was not "final" graded.
    My only regret (hindsight is 20/20) is that I should have taken the day off and ensured the grading was done to my realistic satisfaction.
    Good luck

  6. Pretty sure I spotted the siders tack up a temp shelf on one of the other houses in our neighborhood. But not sure what they use it for.

    And congrats on the progress! Looking good Billy Ray! (

  7. Thanks everyone for the replies. It seems like it is a placeholder shelf only(and I'm not sure what other purpose it could have anyway). Sgt. Rich, I agree about the grading. We have made it clear that we want a significant amount of work done back there from the beginning. I am going to be watching very closely.