Thursday, May 24, 2012

What's up with that?

So the other day, we went to the house as framing was finished, and noticed a big hole drilled into the slab in the guest bathroom downstairs. Yep, as we had suspected, they had forgotten to leave a hole for the pipe. That meant they had to drill a line for it. We hated to see them drill into the foundation, but that's apparently not as uncommon as we thought (even the Guardian rep said he's seen it many times on his house visits). Besides that bit of a bummer, things are progressing quite nicely:

- Roofing was installed Wednesday (hello shingles!)
- All framing is complete including the french doors for the guest bedroom
- Pre-drywall meeting is coming next week (our inspector is coming Tuesday, and the meeting will be Thursday)
- We've been approved for our loan (woo-hoo!)
- And, in late breaking news, we just locked in our USDA loan rate at 3.5%!!!

All in all, everything is going quite well.(begin slow piano background music...) I mean our house is spacious....It's a little audacious...It's almost outrageous....the excitement's getting contagious...I'm becoming loquacious, because I've got to say...

<insert crazy dancing dude in red sweatsuit...>

ooooooh-weeeee! What up with that?! What up with that! He said, she said, you said, we said, what up with that! What's up with that!

What's up? I said what's up? This blog post is crazy, but building this house ain't lazy..., what's up with that....

Before we go any further with this blog post, we'd like to hear from former Vice President Al Gore about the environmental impact of our house:

Oh, sorry Al, I guess we are out of time. We'll have more news soon. Thanks for reading (and putting up with our crazy blogs...).


  1. Ha ha! Love it! Now I have that song stuck in my head!

  2. Zounds Man! 3.5%! That is even with the rates ticking up a little bit!