Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Once, twice, three days of framing...

So, in keeping with our musical theme for our blog, here's a special performance of our headline song:

(wish the current SNL was that funny...)

We came back for Day 3 of framing (thankfully the weather cooperated) and all of the kids got to see how much the house has progressed from the outside. It also gave us our first glimpse of the upstairs too. 

The above picture shows the view from the outside today. (Editor's note: the girls look sad because we were leaving as this picture was taken). 

This is the view from McKenna's bedroom (Bedroom 3). 

This is part of our bonus room modification, but the closet shown will be pushed back about six feet and span the back wall. 

This is Hannah's room (Bedroom 2).

Here is Alden walking into the family room. 

Here  is the view coming up the stairs into Hannah's room (Bedroom 2).

Our hallway looking toward Alden's room (Bedroom 5 instead of loft).

Our garden tub spot. (we'll be using the shower a lot more though).

We were especially excited to see the bonus room, and realize that yes, we think the furniture layout will work just fine. There will probably be a bit of a traffic jam between the laundry room, bonus room (bedroom 4) and Alden's room (bedroom 5), but we think it's worth it for the bonus room and to keep the bedrooms the same size. (yes, the kids have measured it out). We are hoping that the roof will go up soon upstairs, so we can see everything as a family. But, the way things are going, that won't be long. 


  1. Nice planning to make sure that there are no fights over the bedrooms.

  2. One of the models we liked had too much disparity between the bedrooms. One was significantly larger than the other two and the remaining ones were small. We knew that would lead to many fights, so we found a model with bedrooms that were more similar in size. Lookin' good!

  3. Thanks Rachel and Thomas. We agreed with Rachel - the bedroom sizes had to be pretty much equal, because we knew the kids would notice the difference. Of course, they still check it. Our oldest daughter Hannah bragged how her room has 144 square feet (12x12), while Alden has only 140 (14x10). We then mentioned that we still had the 10x10 study available as a bedroom, and any kid who compared rooms again would end up there. We've heard nothing from them since.

  4. Have to make sure everything is equal with the kids, or fights ensue. Luckily, my boys have yet to notice Ryan's room will be one inch wider than Ben's. Yes, he will raise a stink over that inch. House looks like its coming along great so far.