Sunday, May 27, 2012

Not quite measuring up...

Lauren and I spent a good while this afternoon inside the house. We checked out where all the outlets, lights, and switches will be, and we had a good opportunity to figure out just how our house would look with the furniture in it.

Ah, but there's the problem. 

After measuring out beds for the kids in their rooms, it became obvious that some rooms - because of their layout - wouldn't work very well with the beds we had planned for them. The same thing happened earlier in the bonus room, when we realized a sectional wouldn't work. It's a harsh truth, but the tape measure doesn't lie. 

We had earlier commented about how the kids were really interested in the size of their rooms, and now all three kids may end up with different sizes of beds (at least for a while). The good news is by changing up the bed sizes, each kid will have a good amount of play space. And, it will save us a little money in the short term, because we'll be using a twin bed we already have for our son Alden instead of buying a new full bed. (we were going to give them all at least a full size bed, but logistics in Alden's room means a twin makes more sense for him right now - at least for a few years). I guess it is better to find out now than to buy everything and realize it doesn't fit after the fact.

Did you make any changes once you measured out the furniture in your rooms? 


  1. Oh wow, I never really thought about that. I may have a problem considering the beds that I have for two of the rooms are queen size. Once they start building I will have Steve go over and measure the rooms to ensure that the beds and furniture will fit properly

    1. Hi Timika,

      The queen bed was the issue for us too. My son Alden will be getting Bedroom 5 (instead of the loft) and we planned on him getting the queen, but even with the extra bump-out, the queen bed didn't seem to fit very well at all. My daughter McKenna's room (Bedroom 3) also didn't seem like a good fit for a queen, but we had also added a second window in her room (she loves light and the view) and that impacted our decision too. Here's the good news - my other daughter Hannah's room (Bedroom 2) seems like a good fit for a queen since it is square. (I never measured Bedroom 4 because we are modifying that into a big bonus room). Good luck!

  2. Hi Kevin, as you know we are building the Rome too. When we first decided to build back in February, I began searching for furniture online. I asked my husband to drive us to the elevation c model to take measurements of each room. I did this to be sure that the dimensions for the furniture would work based on the structure of the room. I literally spent hours searching for the perfect shape of furniture. For instance, I found the perfect office furniture for the study, the shape of tables and length for the morning and dining room. I have nearly 2000 books with existing book shelves from Ikea that may be a challenge to house in the loft. The loft is serving as our study lounge. My challenge is finding a suitable space in the loft for the swivel based wood grain floor model color television set my husband purchased from Circuit City in 1991 that he insists on keeping. lol I am still thinking of a clever way to keep the flow of the loft as a study lounge with the television and a desk for study. I may have to sandwich some book shelves around the television set and put the desk between the two windows or vice versa. For bedroom (3) we are putting our existing queen size bed into this room for the adult guest room. It is a post bed that is very slim with semi matching dressers which are tall and slim too. I purchased this style furniture to suit the townhouse we were living in some years ago. My strategy was to purchase furniture that was tall, slim, and sturdy to avoid over crowding the room with big furniture. The master bed was brought from a different store and the dressers were purchased from another. It was rather cute when the delivery guy brought in the dressers and said they did not match. I knew that. lol It was part of my plan. The other thing that I tend to do often which you may want to consider is rearranging your existing furniture to other rooms you may not have imagined them to be. For instance, after reassessing the current master bedroom furniture for bedroom (3) , I believe what I am going to do is place the post queen bed, one end table and dresser/mirror combo in that room and put the other end table and tall dresser in bedroom (4) with a twin over full size bunk bed with trundle underneath which we plan to purchase. Bedroom (4) is serving as the grandchildren's guest bedroom. This will save for having to purchase additional furniture and keeping the rooms with clean lines. I love interior design and being creative with the space. It is loads of fun. I have nearly completed the decorating on paper and cannot wait to go start shopping.

  3. You could look at buying a loft bed as an option to maximize space as well. Here is an image search via Google to help give ideas:

    Personally I had a single bed myself all the way through college and I may have less space now with the dog and the young interlopers at night!