Sunday, May 13, 2012

Freeze Frame!

We got an email from our awesome PM Abe Saturday morning that they had begun framing on the house. So, we had to hustle over there to see what was happening, and sure enough:

That huge pile we had featured on our last post was already cut way down by the time we got there yesterday. It is amazing to see the framers in action. 

Here's the view from the garage and a look at all the windows. 


 Here is a look into the family room (left) and into the morning room (right). 

 Here are two views from beyond the backyard of the house after work was completed for Saturday. We were a little nervous when we looked from this angle because we realized that Ryan had built in the dining room instead of our bedroom downstairs and full bath. But our PM assured us later that they do that for every home here. Charlotte is apparently the only market that offers the bedroom downstairs option, so they have to "stick frame" it in later.  

 A view from the lot next to ours that shows the back and side, and a picture of Hannah and Lauren in the kitchen. 


Here we are in our family room. We can't wait until the second day of framing starts, to see how much more they can get done. For those of you who read this far, a public service announcement: 

(Happy Mother's Day everyone!)


  1. Good pics there, awesome to see some walls up.

    You mentioned in your previous post about the grading that needs to be done in the back, that is definite must I agree with you. The rain water hitting the side of the hill will be pushed up against your house if they do not do something about it.

  2. They wont be able to pass county inspection without proper grading, we even met the surveyor and got his card, and he said we have a year to complain if we see any water collecting anywhere on the lot and they have to fix it.

  3. We've talked with Ryan about it, and so has our buyer's agent. They are certainly aware that it needs to be done, and said that the developer will do it. We are hoping that they grade it even more than our neighbor's yard - we really want it as flat as possible.