Thursday, May 17, 2012

Heads up to a future Rome owner (and blogger)

A fellow Ryan blogger had asked about Silver Mist siding in a post today, and we know how hard exterior choices are without seeing them on a house. When we drove through our future neighborhood tonight, we took pictures of two homes with Silver Mist siding. (the SR had given us a sheet with all nearby exterior colors to help us with our choices). Here are two homes (not Romes unfortunately) with Silver Mist:

This Capri with the siding visible on the second floor was facing the sun near sunset.

This Florence is across the street from the Capri, and had the sun behind it near sunset. 

Hope these help. If anyone else needs quick siding photos, we can try to find one. (we're visiting our future neighborhood all week during framing). Good luck to all. 


  1. OMG!! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! FOR DRIVING AROUND AND MAKING THIS REQUEST A REALITY!! THIS WAS SUCH A JOY TO RECEIVE YOUR SUPPORT! THIS REALLY MADE MY DAY! I HAVE BEEN FEELING SO ANXIOUS ABOUT THE EXTERIOR OF THE HOME AND WANTED TO BE CERTAIN THAT THE HOUSE WAS NOT TOO LIGHT SINCE WE COULD NOT GET THE STONE MOUNTAIN CLAY. Okay, let me STOP screaming!!!! Again, thank you! This florence model has a very similar look and feel of the ROME we chose to build. Our house is reversed just like this picture. We have elevation c with the partial stone veneer, black shutters and doors with dover white trim and SILVER MIST siding! HOLLA! We also have the small porch covering as the Florence. The Florence looks like the Rome's cousin from the outside--but we know the Rome is much, much bigger! Have a blessed evening!

  2. Nice community spirit Kevin, kudos!

  3. Both elevations look great, we love the cottage look too, but boo for not being professional enough to stagger the sod cuts.

    1. Good point about the sod. That may have just been put down yesterday (lots of homes building near us) - hopefully they will fix it before the buyer moves in.