Thursday, June 28, 2012

21 days.....

It's hard to believe that we're scheduled to close three weeks from today. The house is coming along quite nicely - we should have electricity in the next few days - and my parents are coming from Florida for their first look at the house this weekend.

When they get here, they'll see a house that is really close to finished, as these pictures demonstrate:

Interior lights are going up quickly. We have outlet covers on, and could have electricity soon. (It'd be nice to have it this weekend, since the forecast high is 103 Saturday - yikes!)

The workers have been really cooking in the kitchen too. Just need the stove and refrigerator.  

We're really happy with the color of the railing. It really makes the spindles shine. 

A good look at the light in the stairwell and the spindles. 

A good look at a coach light on the outside We have one at our front door, and two for our garage. 

The time is getting close - but we are ready. Almost everything is set up at this point - the movers are scheduled and so is the furniture and washer and dryer delivery. There are only a couple loose ends with Ryan left. We are still waiting for final approval on our loan, but all indications are that everything is fine. We also don't have a resolution to the rock situation yet, and that may continue pretty close to closing (and perhaps, beyond closing...). But we're not thinking about that right now, we're just enjoying the progress we are seeing and looking forward to sharing it with family this weekend. 


  1. 3 weeks?!?! I'm totally jealous!!!

  2. Wow... let the countdown begin! I love the railing color too.

  3. So exciting! Everything looks fabulous!

  4. one can only daydream (since they just broke ground for us monday) lol i have like what 3 MONTHS. i'm jealous too but i'm happy for you guys lookin fab!

  5. Wow, Kevin, this was fast! The cabinet color is gorgeous! Can't wait to see it with the tile backsplash!

  6. Looking great! The front door/light/stone combination is gorgeous!

  7. One house in our nearly finished neighborhood (The last house is probably near the pre-drywall meeting time) has those lights and the cottage elevation. I love it!

    Your stone is gorgeous.