Monday, July 2, 2012

Today was a good day

We are less than three weeks away from getting the keys to the house. I checked with NVR and their underwriters have approved our mortgage and they expect USDA to do the same in the next week or two. We had a brief meeting with our PM Abe at the house about the rock issue (we're getting closer to a resolution) and while we were there, we uncovered some new sights.

This photo was taken last week and we forgot to post it. All of the flooring is uncovered and cleaned as of today.

Today, we arrived just as the tile dudes finished up the tile backsplash. We love the accent clips.

Another glorious view of our backsplash.

Here's a view of our hardwood uncovered.

Kevin and our PM Abe honoring the little-known holiday - yellow polo shirt day.

We had a quick walkthrough of the house with Abe today and he answered a few minor questions we had. We didn't have doorknobs on our closet doors in the bonus room, but he explained that they are coming. We will get "dummy knobs" that match our other knobs, but don't move or lock. Since our bonus room closet was a modification, those knobs were not included in the original order of knobs. 

Speaking of knobs, it's harder to visit our house because it's locked every day now. Boo!!! We'll have to make arrangements with our SR Amber to pick up the key. Thankfully, we only have to do that for a couple of weeks.

Our final walkthrough is still scheduled for 2 weeks from today (YIKES!) and everything is right on schedule. 


  1. Beautiful, love your back splash. Two weeks exciting time!

  2. Love the hardwood and the backsplash. Can't believe you're so close to closing already!

  3. I saw that back splash in a model nearby. It is gorgeous!

  4. I love that backsplash too! I think we have similar kitchen colors (maple cognac cabinets and tan brown granite) so I might steal your backsplash idea down the road :).