Friday, July 13, 2012

Even prettier than our home

When I write something for the blog, my wife Lauren usually reads it over and approves it before I post it. But not this post. This post is about her, and how blessed I am to be sharing this special moment, a moment we've been waiting a year for, with her.

When I proposed to Lauren three years ago, I did it with a 40-page book that included many of the emails and texts we had sent to each other (I proposed after she finished the last page). One of the emails I sent her talked about all the moments I couldn't wait to share with her in the future. This will certainly be one of those moments.

This house will be Lauren's first - I had our previous house before I even met her. It is the first house that she's been able to choose the colors, pick out the furniture, and really have a say in how it would turn out. And it has turned out to be almost as pretty as she is (but not quite). :) Going from our old house to our new house has been a roller coaster ride, filled with many twists and turns along the way, but I couldn't imagine sharing those moments with anyone else.

Lauren is so sweet - she has kept my head up when we've faced challenges, and has been such an inspiration to me. It's funny, because just the other day, we talked about how we never dreamed we'd have such a great new house to move into. Yet, in many ways, I feel the same way about being married to her. I never thought I could find someone who could make me as happy as she does. Lauren is a great wife, a terrific mom, and someone who I'll get to wake up next to for many, many years to come. As thrilled as I am about the house, I am even more thrilled about that.

But, for now, I get to look forward to what's next. It will be an emotional day when we get the keys. I hope all my fellow bloggers cherish the moment they get their keys, and appreciate the person they've shared this journey with. I know I do.


  1. Wow! Beautiful post! Love the picture! I got a little misty-eyed!

  2. What a wonderful post! You two make a beautiful couple. Hope you enjoy your new home :)

  3. Wow! You make me want to marry you! What a good soul you are. I can tell that you are equally a wonderful husband. What a beautiful photo of you two. Many years of happiness to you both!

  4. KevinC, it never fails! Every time I read your blog you either have me laughing, excited or in tears!! You are a great guy and Lauren is a very lucky women! I wish the two of you total bliss. I am getting emotional writing this post because I am imagining the two of you getting the keys and walking into your new home. AND of course, the home I love, THE ROME! TIP: If you have not thought about it, be sure to carry Lauren into the house!! lol smiley face

    1. always have the best ideas!

  5. So sweet. I hope you add this page to her book!

  6. Amazing post! You captured so many emotions all rolled into one. I had a conversation last night with a friend about how blessed I feel about this experience with my husband too. Enjoy every moment!!

  7. What a beautiful entry. I can feel the love all the way here in NJ. The way I see it, God has blessed each of you with one another. I wish you all the very best and may God continue to bless your family.

  8. How amazing! So happy for both of you that you've found such love and happiness. I'm sure your first new home together will be filled with even more of both.